For nearly 75 years, Villa Teresa School has educated thousands of children who have gone on to become leaders and pillars of society.  Many Villa Teresa alumni have sent their children and grandchildren to the school.  Alumni are very important to the community and the spirit of the school

Our History

The Carmelite Sisters of Saint Therese moved to Oklahoma City in 1926. In June 1933 the Sisters bought the residence at 1300 Classen Drive, and in the fall of 1933 opened a kindergarten education program in the convent. Patrons immediately inquired about classes for all ages. To meet this need, classrooms were incorporated in the sisters’ recreation room and in a narrow porch. Homes soon were purchased on 13 th Street to accommodate boarders and an infirmary for the sisters.

In the early 1940s, the school was moved out of the convent to 1228 Classen Drive. The construction of the present elementary school building was completed in 1951. In 1967 an addition to the convent provided living accommodations for the sisters and a swimming pool was constructed for the benefit of the children during hot summer days.

In 1988, a second Villa Teresa School was opened in Moore, Okla., to provide pre-school education and child-care for this south metropolitan area.

Villa Teresa School in Oklahoma City Encourages Alumni Communication

Villa Teresa School in Oklahoma City will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2008. In honor of the school’s diamond anniversary, former students and families are encouraged to maintain communications with the school, so we can look back and remember all the joys of Catholic education.

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1216 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 . Phone: 405-232-4286