We have kindergarten classes that serve children as the unique and special individuals they are. They are like shining stars as they focus on a curriculum that is child-centered. The goal of kindergarten is to instill in students an enthusiastic and internal love for learning.

Students work cooperatively practicing skills of respect and concern for others. Each student has a folder in which work and communications are passed from school to home and home to school. Homework is given three days a week.

Reading, math, religion, music, art, physical education., science and social studies and the D’Nealian handwriting method is introduced  with many special celebrations to help students appreciate various cultures and people.

Students in kindergarten can participate in piano lessons, our sports program and social ministry program which helps our young ones in praying for the needs of others and helping when they can. Food and toy collections as well as cards to the sick and dying are some ways they are encouraged to help others.

This is the first year they have the opportunity to wear a uniform. Boys can wear khaki or navy pants (or shorts) with a red shirt and on P.E. days the t-shirt from the PTO. The girls will wear a jumper with white blouse or red shirt with navy or khaki shorts or pants (scorts are also available).

1216 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 . Phone: 405-232-4286