Principal's Notes: Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Notes

March 8, 2010

** Paper Drive - Help!!!!                         

**Top Stories on Fox  - Students with Special Needs                           

**PTO Meeting - March 9, 2010

**Spring Break - Are you coming?                           

**OKC Redhawks -  Pre-order tickets by March 24                         

**Soiree - Weekly meetings, Sign-up sheets in hall    

**Mass, March 12 - Wear full uniform!

Dear Parents,

I was so blessed to attend the make-up games last Saturday. Thanks to allour wonderful coaches for your help. What a difference between thebeginning of the season and the last game.

Wehave a little different format in Monday Notes. Many of you are very,very busy so I understand the time constraints in reading my veryinformative letter each week. Thanks to those who do.

Reportcards are going home this Friday. Please check by the office before yougo on Spring Break! We are offering day care services. Please check thedays on the list by sign-in/out books so we can adequately staff theweek.

Thanksto Jennifer Stephens and Brandi Salsman, a flier is going home today toexplain the process for our school field trip on Wednesday, May 12.Tickets for the Redhawks game can be pre-purchased by March 24th to guarantee that all of Villa families are together. It’s going to be so much fun!!!

Villa Teresa Moore had a great first dinner/auction. Now I’m ready to move onto ours! The Spirit of 76 is getting closer and we need more items. Ifyou have a closet to clean out or those Christmas gifts you don’t knowwhat to do with – they could very well become someone else’s treasure.Volunteer forms are posted in the main hallway of school. Tomorrow, wehave PTO Meeting, come and help us with plans that affect your child.First graders will offer entertainment.

I hope all of you saw the feature on children with special needs. Thebill HB 3393 was passed  last Thursday at the Capitol, but only afterstripping the title. It will go to the Senate, it needs some refining.Fox News learned of one of our students and came on campus to interviewone of our moms. It was a great interview. Emily Scott did a fantastic job expressing the fact that as a tax-paying citizen, she should havethe right to choose the best educational environment for her children.Go to www.okcfox.comto see the clipping in entirety. Top Stories KOKH Fox 25. We wereblessed last Friday to have the author of the bill, Representative Nelson come to visit Villa Teresa School. We offer our prayers that hisefforts to help those in need be successful.

We were so excited when the first pickup for the paper recycling cameabout two weeks ago, but disappointed that with all we collected wasonly 828 pounds. We needed two hundred more. So we need your help!!!!Please bring old newspapers, junk mail, catalogs. It will take onlypaper items –no plastic.

Science Fair was a great success! There were so many innovative projects –congratulations to all 55 contestants. We offer our deepestappreciation to Sr. Joseph Marie, our coordinator. Thanks also to ourjudges – Janet Midfelt, Beth Alonzo and Glenn Payne. They really workedhard and appreciated the efforts of our young scientists.

Menu for March 8-12, 2010

Monday, Mar 8 – Hamburgers, cooked carrots, apples, milk

Tuesday, Mar 9 – Chicken Nuggets, peas, pineapple slices, milk

Wednesday, Mar 10 – Vegetable beef noodles, beans, diced pears, milk

Thursday, Mar 11- Burritos, mixed vegetables, apricots, mixed fruit, milk

Friday, Mar 12 – Cheese enchiladas, chili beans, apple sauce, milk

Immersed in Christ (Third Sunday in Lent)

Disciples in Action

INVENTORY: Whyis there so much suffering in the world? Do the bad things that followfrom sin only hit the people who are guilty of sin, or does everybodysuffer from them? What is the Christian response to the sin andsuffering of the world?

INPUT: Weneed to pray- but not just to “say prayers.” The prayer to which we arecalled is prayer that changes us, changes our minds and behavior (themeaning of “Repentance,” metanoia). This change of mind requires morethan just a turning away from sin. It requires us to convert our“religion” into “spirituality”; to go beyond being just “followers” ofJesus and become his disciples. A “disciple” is a “student.” Therepentance asked of us is the decision to learn God’s mind and heart.
Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15; Luke 13:1-9; 1 Corinthians 10:1-12

INSIGHT: Do I “know” God’s name? Know him as a person?

INITIATIVE: Decide to read, reflect and respond to God’s word systematically.

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