Principal's Notes: Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010

Tuesday Notes

February 16, 2010


Dear Families,


I hope you enjoyed Presidents’ Day yesterday! Our Archdiocesan meeting was very inspiring. We heard a speaker who returned to Oklahoma City after giving earlier workshop sessions with the Principals and Catechetical Leaders in the fall. Victor Valenzuela, an associate of Sadlier Company led the packed assembly of teachers and administrators through the process of how to integrate Catholic Social Teachings throughout the curriculum. His presentation called for an enthusiasm in working for justice and helping young people see why situations need to be corrected and how we can make our world a better place, beginning in our homes and continued at school and in the community at large. He helped us examine the importance of both direct service and social action. Some of the teachers were involved in curriculum mapping. This is a process that began in our Archdiocese last year where all teachers – grades 1-12 are creating a more uniform informational input on what is actually being taught. This process will eventually look like themes being taught in terms of units rather than by ‘textbook’. Looking at maps – online, you will be able to see at which grade level a topic is being taught and developed – teachers provide ideas that enhance the lesson on a wider scale so that there is a sharing and unification in our approach to education.


We enjoyed Fr. Jim Goin last week for Mass and he enjoyed himself so much, he’s coming back for our Mass in March (12th).


We are officially in the registration season! Please make sure your balance is current so that you will be able to register for summer and fall. We are in the midst of mailing invitations for Open House to those on our waiting list. We appreciate the great job you’re doing in sharing the good news about Villa Teresa! Keep up the good work!


By now, you’ve received the Villa Teresa Alumni News, if not, please stop by the office and pick up a packet or e-mail me so you can be put on the list. This was our Appreciation letter for the annual drive that continues, plus we also enclosed the PTO’s letter and pledge sheet for the upcoming auction, Saturday, April 24 at Remington Park. Last year, we had childcare at the facility, but we would like to offer it here at school. The children and parents are more comfortable in a setting that is familiar. If you would rather help with the childcare than go to the Soiree (dinner/auction), please let me know. We may even triple volunteer hours for that service!


Our school in Moore is also having an auction – the first one! Theirs will be March 6 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at St. Mark’s Church in Norman.


Next week, February 24-26, I will be in Arkansas on our Principals’ Retreat. While away, Sr. Joseph Marie and Mandy will be our designated leaders. Any concerns can be addressed to them.


This Wednesday begins the Holy Season of Lent. This is a time of reflection and an opportunity to become closer to Our Lord. The Forty Days of Lent gives you time to walk with Jesus through the ‘valley’. So often we forget, He does need us to be with Him or is it we forget that He is with us – even in challenging times. The Church teaches that through prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving we imitate Christ’s love for us all.


Menu for February 16-19, 2010

Tuesday, Feb 16 – Beef nachos, mixed vegetables, apricots, milk

Wednesday, Feb 17 – Macaroni and cheese with tuna/ cooked carrots, apple sauce, milk

Thursday, Feb 18 – meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, bananas

Friday, Feb 19 – Fish sticks, peas, diced pineapples, milk



Immersed in Christ (Ash Wednesday – Lent is a time to change your mind.)

INVENTORY: When did you last call into question the goal of your life? When is the last time you decided to change your attitude about something? Lent is built into the Liturgical Year to help you do this. It doesn’t give you ‘time off’ from your job or family obligations, but it does give you some help in ‘distancing yourself’ mentally and emotionally in order to re-think, re-evaluate and re-tool.

 INPUT: The blessing and giving of ashes reminds us that this world, like our lives, is of short duration. We get the ashes by burning the palms we carried in procession on Palm Sunday. Then in preparation for Lent we turn them to ashes in a dramatic rejection of all that is false in our culture. There are two themes in Lent – new hope and new life.

Scripture: Joel 2:12-18; Matthew 6:1-18; 2 Corinthians 5:20 – 6:2

INSIGHT: Do I see Lent now as a time of exciting, encouraging possibility? Do I feel a desire to use Lent, to take a distance from my life and look at things from a new perspective?

INITIATIVE: Read God’s word during Lent with a searching mind and an open heart, listening for his Spirit. Reflect on what you read. Relate it to your life. Try to change some things in your attitudes, values and priorities.


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