Second Grade

Second graders have several projects as part of their curriculum – book reports, Science Fair, Poetry Festival, etc. They develop their skills in comprehension and expression of language both verbally and in written form. We continue the Open Court Reading program as well as Sadlier Math. We use the Harcourt Brace Social Studies and SRA Real Science.

Homework is given Monday through Thursday with the opportunity to complete in study hall that is available during the week. A monthly calendar is provided to record time spent for reading each evening.

Tests are administered in spelling and religion every Friday and in other subject areas when chapters are completed.

Class schedule varies from year to year to accommodate ‘specials’. You will receive your child’s schedule at our Orientation meeting held for families within the first 10 days of school.

1216 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 . Phone: 405-232-4286