Third Grade

Third Graders help set the pace for leadership in the school through participation in our school’s student council.

Our curriculum continues from second grade with a greater intensity to accomplish guidelines set by the Archdiocesan Curriculum Guide. Reading, Science, Social Studies, Religion, p.e, Spanish and music are offered.  Special projects include the Science Fair, Poetry Festival, plays and other performances help students express themselves through the arts as well as in written form. This year we will be using a new series in Math provided through the Sadlier Program which also services us with our Religion texts.

Cursive writing begins in third grade.

A Monday folder is provided which contains information for the week and assignments in class as well as homework assignments.

Frogs are used for managing behavior – happy frogs are jumping frogs,  a non-jumping frog will have an appropriate consequence. Consequences are positive and logical for the infraction occurring. Students are rewarded for positive behaviors.

Responsibility in turning in assignments on time is crucial. Ten points are deducted for each day an assignment is late. Extra time is offered to complete work when a child is absent.

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